Carbon Project Services

Carbon Project Services

Perspectives GmbH is a competence-centre and a one-stop shop for national and international climate policy instruments with extensive practical experience in Programme of Activities (PoA), Methodology Development, Standardized Baselines (SBL) and Carbon Project Management.

Perspectives offers high quality services and comprehensive tailor-made solutions. Our international team is interdisciplinary and highly experienced.

Perspectives’ Carbon Project Services cover the full range of services required for successfully developing carbon projects and PoAs around the world. Our approach is to provide our clients with tailor-made solutions on a case-by-case basis. Such services include the development of tools to enable projects to go ahead (i.e. methodology development, SBL, capacity building, guidebooks/manuals), identification and assessment of potential opportunities, support in any step within the whole CDM project cycle (i.e. documentation, validation, registration, verification), portfolio assessment & optimization and providing on-demand services.

We also offer these services to clients wishing to develop high quality voluntary carbon market projects and PoAs, for example under the Gold Standard.

The following short outline and the chart provide an overview of our Carbon Project Services and our references.



Programme of Activities (PoAs)

We offer a modular approach for our advisory services for PoAs (feasibility, documentation, validation & registration, post registration support) to enable a successful development and implementation of the PoA. Perspectives has been among the pioneers for developing PoAs. We have worked on more than 40 PoA related assignments and have successfully registered 8 PoAs in Latin America, Asia and Africa including multi-country, multi-technology and multi-methodology PoAs. At least 6 further PoA registrations are expected. Beside that we are chairing the PoA Working Group, are lead author of the KfW PoA Blueprint Book, developed the PoA Sampling Manual and conducted numerous PoA specific workshops and PoA scoping missions in many countries.


Standardized Baselines & Methodology work

Perspectives has a strong and long track-record in methodological work under the CDM. With 10 approved baseline and monitoring methodologies, we have the highest success rate among all consultants. Altogether we have more than 40 references in methodology related work. Besides that we have extensive expertise in developing standardized approaches for the CDM (i.e. SBL).
Perspectives has been one of the main contributors to the debate about the use of SBL and has been involved in numerous assignments relating to the use of standardized approaches in the CDM and in LDCs. We developed and submitted the first ever SBL to the UNFCCC (for the charcoal sector, Uganda), have been working on developing further SBLs and have been providing capacity building for DNAs, international institutions and the private sector to enable the development and application of SBL.


Portfolio Support & CDM Ad-hoc Services

Utilising our extensive practical experience with carbon projects and PoAs, we provide ad-hoc support during all phases of the project/PoA cycle (e.g. validation, registration, monitoring, verification). We also support in assessing existing portfolios and provide portfolio management services to reflect the client’s overall strategy and underlying market conditions.


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