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The boldest GHG-reduction target isn’t necessarily the wisest. Perspectives believes in science-based targets that are both meaningful and achievable. To have the impact we all need it to, climate action must result in measurable, permanent reductions in GHG emissions: good intentions aren’t enough to achieve net-zero.

After we have established your true, detailed carbon footprint, our experts will advise you on each step of the way toward establishing targets that guide your carbon-neutrality efforts.

Your detailed carbon inventory and assessment will have identified your most promising opportunities for making real headway toward carbon neutrality. We use those measurements both to arrive at an overall GHG-reduction target and to guide our development of a roadmap to meeting your goals.

We help companies develop meaningfully ambitious, science-based, and readily achievable climate targets consistent with the Paris Agreements. Our clients gain recognition as climate leaders, and put themselves ahead of the regulatory curve.

Companies that set science-based targets cut emission fast

Source: Science-Based Target initiative 

Note: Analysis only includes scope 1 and 2 emissions

Set meaningful, achievable GHG reduction targets

We will help you set the right GHG targets and build a roadmap for achieving them.

  • Feasibility assessment
  • Making the business case
  • Setting your targets (e.g. climate neutrality, carbon neutrality, netzero..etc)
  • Achieving SBTi validation

What our experts say

What sets us apart

Environmental integrity

Climate leaders must not cut corners. When you work with us, you will learn to distinguish substantial business opportunities from questionable ones, allow your company to establish itself as a leader in meaningful climate action and avoid damage to its reputation.

Proven innovation

We are internationally recognized for our contributions to the advancement of the carbon market. For example, our CDM baseline and monitoring methodologies have posted a market-leading success rate.

Scientific grounding

We are more than just advisors: we help shape the field with our research and analysis. With more than 100 research articles to date, we constantly contribute to the latest knowledge and understanding of climate policy instruments, keeping your business ahead of the curve.

Regulatory leadership

Our experts lead and participate in international task forces and working groups, helping you understand today’s climate policy landscape and the carbon markets of the future.

Set meaningful targets

Your emission reduction targets will prove to be worth very little if you do not achieve them. To ensure that your targets are Paris compatible and within your reach, we perform an initial feasibility study using tools and methodologies we developed after years of experience.

To achieve your carbon reduction goals, you will need broad agreement from your company’s stakeholders. Our target-setting process includes support for the business case you make to executives, shareholders, and your staff who may need help seeing the financial advantages of pursuing science-based climate-action targets.

To help put numbers to your carbon-reduction ambitions, we gather all relevant data, including measurements of Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions. We then calculate precise, achievable GHG-reduction targets following our proven method.

The Science Based Target Initiative validates GHG-reduction targets. SBTI validation is an important way to mark your company as a serious contributor to climate action, and we help you apply for and achieve this distinction.

Our Publications

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The first step toward lowering your corporate carbon footprint is understanding it. Our proven methodologies give you a clear and comprehensive understanding of your company’s greenhouse gas emissions, helping you set realistically ambitious reduction targets while identifying opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint.

Your carbon footprint involves more than just the greenhouse gasses produced by your own operations. It includes your entire value- and supply chains and extends to employee commuting and business travel. We calculate the GHG emissions associated with these extended parts of your business, giving you the insights needed to plan truly meaningful climate action.

We document the carbon embedded in each product you manufacture or sell, at each stage of its life, from manufacture to sale and use, and through to disposal. This does more than give you a meaningfully granular look at your GHG contributions; it also helps identify the appropriate standard to use when calculating the carbon footprint of each product for which you are responsible.

Your extended carbon footprint extends to your company’s investment portfolio, including pension funds and retirement accounts, insurance instruments, and sovereign wealth funds. We carefully document the carbon footprint represented by your company’s entire range of financial investments, giving you another avenue to document your commitment to meaningful action.

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