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Climate Negotiations and Diplomacy

Service Overview

In the pivotal domain of climate negotiations and diplomacy, we offer a range of services built on over 25 years of uninterrupted participation in the global climate change discourse.

Perspectives’ experts have supported several governments and non-governmental organisations to prepare for and engage in UNFCCC sessions. Examples are the governments of Germany, Morocco, Mexico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia. 

Our overarching objective is to facilitate international agreement on ambitious climate policy through providing technical inputs, proposing pragmatic compromises and considering legitimate interests of all key stakeholder groups. 

We are proud to offer an extensive suite of services meticulously designed to empower governments, NGOs, and various organizations in navigating the complexities of climate negotiations.

highlight of our services
Governmental Advisory and Support
Comprehensive Delegation Support: Assisting government delegations in unraveling key negotiation issues such as climate finance, Article 6, transparency, and interlinkages, thereby crafting well-informed strategies and briefings.
On-Site Support: Offering tailored and flexible on-site support including the preparation of ministerial briefings and speaking notes to equip delegation members with critical insights for negotiations.
COP Presidency Assistance
Technical Support: Providing invaluable technical and strategic support for governments presiding a UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP).
Capacity Building and Engagement
Capacity Building for Negotiators: Conducting training programs aimed at building negotiation capacities for country representatives engaged in the UNFCCC process.
Strategic Outreach and Engagement: Offering content and strategy-driven support to observer organizations, aiding in the formulation and execution of effective COP outreach strategies and event planning.
Event Organization and Management
Side Events Management: Orchestrating and conducting side events at a range of negotiation-related events, including COP, SBs, and regional climate weeks, bringing together the foremost thinkers and policymakers in the field.
Real-World Examples

Assistance for Mexico’s presidency of COP16 Cancun, 2010 – 2011

A team of negotiation experts provided analytical work and strategic advice in close cooperation with the Mexican Presidency, both in official submissions and informal meetings.

Capacity building for Tunisian delegation,  COP27

Our negotiations experts Axel Michaelowa and Kaja Weldner provided training to young Tunisian delegates, focusing on Article 6 and climate finance negotiations. To practice negotiation skills, the delegates developed country submissions and held interventions. Perspectives also provided advice on these topics during COP27 in Sharm-el-Sheikh.

What sets us apart

Our services are built upon a rich legacy of participation and expertise, making us a trusted partner in the global effort to foster progress in climate negotiations and diplomacy. Let us assist you in forging paths toward a more sustainable and just future.

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