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About Perspectives

Our passion

At Perspectives, our passion is shaping effective climate policies and carbon market mechanisms. 

As a leading climate policy think tank, we blend deep expertise with fresh viewpoints, guiding public and private players through the conundrum of climate and energy policy. 

Our experts bring a unique combination of economic, technical and financial background and unify decade-long experience with visions of the younger generation.

Company Overview

Perspectives is internationally recognised for its innovative, high-quality outputs in many fields of international climate policy. Resulting from more than two decades of world-wide research and consultancy experience on various topics, we can offer deep insights and profound political and economic knowledge in a very flexible, client-oriented manner.

Our international team offers more than 20 years of experience in climate policy regulation, carbon markets and climate-related finance. We support public agencies and countries in developing sound climate- and energy policies across various sectors and in raising ambition aligned to the UNFCCC’s targets.

We help companies around the world identify their carbon impact, develop successful plans to reduce their carbon footprints, and become capable to use complex regulative environments smartly. 

Headquartered in Freiburg, Germany, our experts operate from various locations in Austria, Finland, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the Seychelles.

Our mission

Perspectives was founded by climate policy experts from the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWA) in 2003 when the first theoretic concepts of carbon markets and emissions trading were put into practice.

Today, our mission is still as relevant as it was in those early days: 

Our recent highlights:
COP28 summary

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Empowering Equality in Climate Action

At Perspectives, we are proud to share our Gender Equality Plan (GEP), a cornerstone document that outlines our unwavering commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable work environment.

Perspectives' legal pillars

Perspectives Climate Group

Offering advisory and consultancy services to private and public clients

Perspectives Climate Research

Non-profit research on climate policy design

Perspectives Climate Change SL

Our Spanish subsidiary servicing customers in Latin America and beyond

Why work with us

Regulatory leadership

Our experts lead and participate in international task forces and working groups, helping you understand today’s climate policy landscape and the carbon markets of the future.

Scientific grounding

We are more than just advisors: we help shape the field with our research and analysis. With more than 100 research articles to date, we constantly contribute to the latest knowledge and understanding of climate policy instruments, keeping your business ahead of the curve.

Environmental integrity

Climate leaders must not cut corners. When working with us, you will learn to distinguish sustainable projects and activities from questionable ones, allowing your company to establish itself as a leader in ambitious climate action and avoid reputational damages.

Thought leadership & innovation

We love exploring new topics and concepts related to climate mitigation, adaptation, finance and sustainable development.

If you have a 'crazy' vision, we are happy to support you developing a sound conceptual basis ready for implementation.


Our story

Our memberships

Our Team

Discover our team comprising of highly trained experts dedicated to advancing international climate policy and research.

Hanna-Mari Ahonen

Senior Consultant

Cathrin Arenz

Senior Project Coordinator

Pedro Bremberger Pássaro

Junior Consultant

Dario Brescia

Senior Consultant

Sonja Butzengeiger

Managing Director

Sandrine Cambie

People & Culture Specialist

Philipp Censkowsky

Research Associate

Johanna Christensen

Head of Sales & Marketing | Head of Freiburg Office

Sandra Dalfiume


Erin Danford


Laila Darouich

Head of climate negotiations and diplomacy

Maria Clarissa Eitel

Project Coordinator & Management Assistant

Sven Feige

Senior Consultant

Christian Fleischer


Gunnar Geyer

Head of Finance & IT

Lena Gründel


Stephan Hoch

Managing Director

Matthias Honegger

Head of Carbon Dioxide Removals Research

Andrea Jacoby

Head of People & Culture

Juliana Keßler

Head of Market Mechanisms

Daniela Laßmann

Head of National Mitigation Services

Marc André Marr

Deputy Head of National Mitigation Strategies

Marjorie Ménard

Head of Adaptation

Engin Mert

Senior Methodology Expert & Senior Consultant

Axel Michaelowa

Senior Founding Partner

Jennifer Mora

Project manager and Business Developer

Sherri Ombuya


Sabine Pfaffenberger

Administration / Finances

Oleg Pluzhnikov

Matthias Poralla


Gabriele Resch

People & Culture Operations Manager

Yvonne Rimbach

People & Culture Specialist

Rita Rodriguez Campello

Finance & Accounting Assistant

Yuliya Romanyuk

Marketing and Communication Coordinator

Anne-Kathrin Sacherer

Head of Nature-Based Solutions

Rosana Salguero

Management Assistant

Ximena Samaniego Figueroa

Junior Consultant

Alicia Kathrin Schmid


Max Schmidt


Florian Schmitt

Junior Consultant

Igor Shishlov

Head of Climate Finance

Anant Shukla

Senior Consultant

Aayushi Singh


Paulien Veen

Head of Private Sector Carbon Market Mechanisms

Cinthya Vega Olivares

Junior Consultant

Philipp Veh


Annika Wallengren

Junior Consultant

Olivia Wallis

Junior Consultant

Peris Waweru

Junior Consultant

Ingrid Wawrzynowicz

Junior Consultant