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Service Overview

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, and it holds great promise as a source of clean, reliable energy. Technological innovation will bring various new opportunties across industrial sectors, international transport and – in the long run – in power generation. The first large-scale, renewable PtX projects are being prepared now, but much more has to follow for achieving a global clean energy transition. 

At Perspectives, we help analysing the impact of renewable PtX on global/regional energy structures, support countries in developing their national hydrogen strategies and help the private sector to harness carbon markets and public support schemes to make their PtX projects economically feasible.

Since 2010, Perspectives has successfully been supporting industry with techno-economic feasibility studies and in creating additional revenues through carbon pricing, while supporting countries in developing their national hydrogen strategies and assessing PtX potentials to enhance energy security and supply.

What we Offer

We support the private and public sector in various aspects, such as:

  • Harnessing climate finance and carbon markets to make PtX projects economically feasible – including voluntary carbon markets (VCM), Art. 6 of the Paris Agreement, Mitigation Action Facility, IKI and others.
  • Facilitating understanding of regulatory requirements and resulting benefits for green PtX, e.g. related to the EU-ETS, EU RED directives, CBAM and others.
  • Developing GIS-based national hydrogen strategies, including model-based impact assessment of PtX on emission pathways and investments required.
  • Developing new carbon market methodologies and facilitating industry exchange and collaboration, e.g. as founding partner of the Hydrogen for NetZero Initiative.
  • Navigate the dynamic landscape of international and European Union policies affecting PtX markets, such as Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) registration, RED III etc.
  • Placing successful bids to the European Hydrogen Bank (EHB) and other funding mechanisms (e.g. H2Global, Australian HPCs).
What our experts say

International coordination and policy instruments to promote a hydrogen economy: a focus on the steel-making industry

This policy brief explores the importance of international cooperation in the development of a global hydrogen economy with a focus on the steel-making industry.  Green hydrogen is gaining significant momentum and will become a key component of decarbonization strategies, enabling low-carbon energy storage and transportation. However, barriers to the production

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Promoting carbon-neutral hydrogen through UNFCCC and national-level policies

Hydrogen can play an important role in a widespread transition to societies that emit low levels of greenhouse gases. However, “green” hydrogen-from renewable energy-and “blue” hydrogen-from fossil fuels with carbon capture and storage-still face significant cost gaps compared to “brown” hydrogen. We propose a dedicated institution that allows the Group

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Understand the benefits of PtX subsidies


The Carbon Boarder Adjustment Mechanism provides benefits to low-carbon hydrogen, ammonia, fertiliser, steel and other products imported to the EU. We support you with the registration- and declaration requirements.

Art. 6 of the Paris Agreement and VCM

We support your hydrogen-, ammonia, fertiliser or and other PtX project in generating ITMOs or VERs. Build on our proven experience in developing carbon methodologies and generating high-quality carbon credits.

PtX auctions

With the European Hydrogen Bank, H2Global, and others starting the initial PtX purchase auctions, we can help you crafting winning tenders and ensure that your proposals align with the specific criteria and objectives. 


Our team can support you in navigating the requirements of various support schemes, including the US IRA and the Australian Hydrogen Production Credit Programme.

Our PtX expertise

We combine technical competence along the PtX value chain – with a deep understanding of production, processing, transport, storage and utilisation options – with decade-long experience in harnessing carbon markets / climate finance instruments, research-competence to explore new topics with a sound scientific basis, and independence from the market ensuring neutral advice to the benefit of our customers and the climate.

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