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Set a powerful decarbonisation target and meet it by developing a comprehensive roadmap defining wise and meaningful action. Our experts will help you every step of the way. We help companies develop ambitious, science-based, and achievable climate targets consistent with the Paris Agreement. 

We support our clients gaining recognition as climate leaders, and putting themselves ahead of the regulatory curve.

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Science-based corporat Targets

What counts for corporate targets?

Perspectives believes in science-based targets that are both meaningful and achievable. To have the impact we all need, climate action must result in measurable, permanent reductions in GHG emissions. However, committing to unrealistic targets that can’t be achieve doesn’t help neither.

Understanding your carbon inventory and most promising opportunities for effectively reducing emissions is the ideal basis for defining and achieving ambitious net-zero targets. 

In addition, appropriate internal and external communication is key – for winning colleagues’ and managers’ support and for building a strong environmental reputation that your company benefits from.

Source: Science-Based Target initiative (2022): SBTi progress report 2021 (Analysis only includes scope 1 and 2 emissions)


Set meaningful & achievable GHG reduction targets

The Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) focuses on guiding businesses in setting ambitious near- and long-term climate targets in line with the latest science, including through their Corporate Net-Zero Standard and tailored sector-specific guidance. To date, over 5,700 companies have joined the initiative. 

But, the boldest GHG-reduction target isn’t necessarily the wisest. We will help you set the right GHG targets and build a roadmap for achieving them. Our experts bring in their comprehensive techno-economic know-how about mitigation options in various industry sectors, cost and economic considerations and marketing and communication benefits of various measures. One of our strengths is identifying a sweet spot – the right mixture of low-hanging fruits and heavy measure with strategic relevance.

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