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Financial divestment has long been a powerful tool for social change, and climate change is no exception. Recent years have seen a sharply growing number of investors shift their portfolios away from companies that rely heavily on fossil fuels and toward businesses that demonstrate a commitment to environmentally sustainable practices. Green bonds, for example, are heavily oversubscribed in several market segments. With this development comes a growing number of options, not all of them compelling ones, for investors concerned about the environment. Where should you put your money? What does sustainable investment entail? We can help.

With its strong analytical competence, and two decades of experience with project assessment and implementation, Perspectives can support you in comprehensively assessing the environmental and social benefits (and risks) of your investment opportunities, allowing you to build a deeply informed investment strategy that sacrifices neither environmental responsibility nor financial performance.

highlight of our services

Investment for impact

We deliver the analysis behind investment decisions that perform financially and environmentally

  • Techno-economic analysis
  • Assessment and optimisation of your project’s design and methodology along the entire value chain
  • CAPEX and OPEX modelling for your project as it stands and as we recommend optimising it
  • Identifying additional revenue streams
  • Carbon compliance markets such as the EU-ETS
  • Voluntary carbon markets, coupled with SBTI
  • Voluntary climate finance contributions
  • Adaptation-benefit mechanisms
  • Ecosystem-services markets
  • Quantitative investment footprint analysis
  • GHG footprint, adaptation benefits, climate risk scoring, and SDG-contributions

Making your investments a success story

Techno-economic assessments

Good investment decisions are built on good research. We provide in-depth analysis of the technical, financial, and regulatory factors affecting climate-friendly investment options. We pay just as much attention to your specific goals and needs, and work with you to develop investment strategies and system designs that blend economic performance with environmental responsibility.


Quantitative benefit evaluation

As the sustainable-investment field grows, investors need more than platitudes and reassurances. Our decades of experience have taught us how to express good environmental practice in clear quantitative terms. From mitigation benefit to adaptation benefit, SDGs and CSR-related measures, we provide the hard data that supports good investment decisions.


Maximising your investments’ returns

Carbon markets are important, but sustainable investment can benefit from even more revenue streams. We will help you realise the full value of your investments through adaptation-benefits mechanisms, ecosystem services, and the long-term value of reduced climate-risk scoring.”

What our experts say
What sets us apart

Environmental integrity

Climate leaders must not cut corners. When you work with us, you will learn to distinguish substantial business opportunities from questionable ones, allow your company to establish itself as a leader in meaningful climate action and avoid damage to its reputation.

Proven innovation

We are internationally recognized for our contributions to the advancement of the carbon market. For example, our CDM baseline and monitoring methodologies have posted a market-leading success rate.

Scientific grounding

We are more than just advisors: we help shape the field with our research and analysis. With more than 100 research articles to date, we constantly contribute to the latest knowledge and understanding of climate policy instruments, keeping your business ahead of the curve.

Regulatory leadership

Our experts lead and participate in international task forces and working groups, helping you understand today’s climate policy landscape and the carbon markets of the future.

Know your impact

The first step towards lowering your corporate carbon footprint is understanding it. Our proven methodologies give you a clear and comprehensive understanding of your company’s greenhouse gas emissions, helping you set realistically ambitious reduction targets while identifying opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint.

Your carbon footprint involves more than just the greenhouse gases produced by your own operations. It includes your entire value chain (including customers and subcontractors) and even extends to employee commuting and business travel. We calculate the GHG emissions associated with these extended parts of your business, giving you the insights needed to plan truly meaningful climate action.

We document the carbon embedded in each product you manufacture or sell, at each stage of its life, from manufacture to sale and use, and through to disposal; no matter where your company is situated in the value chain. This does more than give you a meaningfully granular look at your GHG contributions; it also helps identify the appropriate standard to use when calculating the carbon footprint of each product for which you are responsible.

We carefully document the carbon footprint represented by your company’s entire range of financial investments, giving you another avenue to document your commitment to meaningful action and to reduce carbon risk exposure.

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