Perspectives Climate Group

Annika Wallengren
Junior Consultant

“By offering in-country support for Article 6 implementation, my current role at Perspectives allows me to foster an environment conducive to climate action, driving incremental yet positive change on the ground.”

Areas of expertise
  • Climate policy
  • Climate finance
  • Article 6 policy an implementation
  • Voluntary carbon market (VCM)

Annika Wallengren holds a Master of Science and Public Policy from the ‘Governance of Sustainability’ program at Leiden University. As part of her academic and vocational training, she has developed a particular interest in studying the interplay between Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and the voluntary carbon market (VCM). Joining Perspectives in 2022, Annika is presently involved in multiple consultancy and research projects focused on carbon market strategies, climate financing and capacity building for Article 6 readiness. She provides valuable technical advice and significantly contributes to carbon market readiness assessments as well as the preparation and delivery of workshops and training sessions.

At Perspectives Annika manages projects that relate to Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, Voluntary Carbon Markets, and the Sustainable Developement Goals, in additon to providing support to national governments towards the acheivement of their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

Annika has gained expertise in developing countries, particularly in West Africa, and has collaborated with international non-governmental organizations, public entities, and corporate clients alike. Annika has strong analytical, communication and teamwork skills, particularly in cross-cultural settings.

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