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Engin Mert
Senior Methodology Expert & Senior Consultant

“MRV with Perspectives isn’t just about numbers; it’s about forging a greener, brighter future. It empowers me to drive change and anchor businesses in sustainable success.”

Areas of expertise
  • Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM)
  • Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
  • Carbon Pricing
  • Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV)
  • Carbon Accounting

Engin holds a degree in Chemical Engineering and a master’s in Environmental Sciences. With over 13 years of delving into GHG calculations, carbon pricing, and climate policies, he’s been at the forefront of impactful projects. Engin joined Perspectives as a Senior Consultant in 2022.

Engin has been involved in the methodology development for CCS technologies as a technical expert, in addition to providing expertise in other relevant technical areas.

He registered over 40 projects under certification schemes like the Gold Standard, CDM, and VCS. He’s managed teams for major clients like the World Bank and GiZ and played a pivotal role as the technical coordinator for the PMR Turkey project. He’s supported governments, notably Turkey and Ukraine, in establishing their MRV data management systems, creating MRV guidelines, and offering professional training. Engin is listed on the UNFCCC rosters of experts and serves as an independent reviewer for the Gold Standard.

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