Perspectives Climate Group

Johanna Christensen
Head of Sales, Marketing and Workflows | Head of Freiburg Office

“At Perspectives, I enjoy working with a passionate team of experts making a real impact towards a more sustainable future. In my work, I ensure we have smooth operational processes to enable our team to perform their best!”

Areas of expertise
  • All operational aspects, including sales, internal workflows, events and marketing
  • Environmental impact on communities and ecosystems
  • Project management
  • Social research
  • Qualitative research methods

Johanna Christensen holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Sociology from the University of Melbourne. During her time in Australia, she worked as a social researcher and policy analyst for the Agriculture Department in Victoria, Australia. Her work focused on the effects of shocks and the wellbeing of rural communities, through which she gained deep knowledge of social research methods and experience in consultation and evaluation processes.

Johanna is Head of Sales, Marketing and Workflows and leads Perspectives' main office, located in the wonderful city of Freiburg, nestled between mountains, river and forest in the South of Germany.

Johanna has extensive experience in research and project management, as well as business development aspects. She has expertise in event management, public consultation and coordination of social research projects of qualitative and quantitative nature. She also coordinates the team of student interns at Perspectives and loves seeing new talent come on board and work with young and passionate climate experts.

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