Perspectives Climate Group

Malte Winkler
Head of Climate Policy Research

“Working on climate policy allows me to search answers to some of our times´ most urgent questions: What can we do to combat climate change? What should we do? And how can we do it?”

Areas of expertise
  • Climate Policy
  • Carbon Markets
  • EU Climate Policy
  • Carbon Dioxide Removals (CDR)

Malte holds a doctoral agree from Kiel University and an M. Sc. in Environmental Sciences from the University of Koblenz-Landau. In his doctoral thesis, Malte focused on the role of carbon pricing schemes and international cooperation in light of the Paris Agreement. A special focus of his work lies in the EU ETS. In his earlier studies, he covered a broad range of environmental topics, writing his Bachelor´s Thesis on the ecology of cold-water corals and his Master´s Thesis on technological aspects of wave energy converters.

In summer 2023, Malte took over the role as Head of Climate Policy Research at Perspectives, focussing on contributions to academic discussions as well as innovative topics related to climate policy.

Malte has worked on and (co-)managed scientific as well as consultancy projects on carbon pricing, extending emission trading schemes, land-use changes. Since joining Perspectives at the end of 2021, Malte has focused on Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR), Article 6 methodologies, and international carbon markets.

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