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Initiative overview

With carbon credit markets continuously evolving on many fronts around the world, following the civil and political intricacies of these markets may seem complex and daunting. Will markets rise to the challenge of accelerating net zero transitions? What does the shaping of these markets mean for environmental integrity and your business? Our experts have culminated the key insights to keep you up to date.

To our subscribers we send this quarterly paid publication with a summary on what is happening related to carbon markets. In each issue, we cover international negotiations on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, key initiatives, policies, and partnerships around the world. In our first issue, published in September 2023, we discuss updates from the supervisory body of Article 6.4 and the transition of Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism, methodology development for carbon capture and storage, as well as the EU’s work on carbon removal certification and green claims, among many other topics in countries around the world. In each issue, we also take a deeper dive into two topics chosen by our Editor-in-Chief, Hanna-Mari Ahonen.

The second issue, published in December 2023, was fully dedicated to the COP28 analysis. We covered the failure of Article 6 negotiations and its implications, the Supervisory Body’s latest work, non-state actors’ efforts such as updates on VCMI claims and the newly published ISO norm 14068 on carbon neutrality. The two editor’s choices focussed on general key outcomes of COP28 and gave a status and outlook for REDD+ projects.

Goal & Vision

These are momentous times for carbon credit markets, with a lot happening on many fronts, all around the world. Through the CCQH, our experts help our clients to stay informed about critical developments that are shaping these markets and, most importantly, to understand their implications for environmental integrity and the client’s business.

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