Perspectives Climate Group

Article 6 implementation and readiness

Service Overview

Building on our long-standing expertise in carbon markets, Perspectives provides strategic advice and technical assistance to host countries seeking to implement Article 6 nationally, as well as government and private buyers intending to acquire high quality credits. Thereby, we contribute to the implementation of crediting approaches (e.g. Article 6.2 cooperative approaches) and concrete Article 6 activities (also see Carbon Credit Generation). We support multiple countries in designing policies and creating a national enabling environment that allow them to take full advantage of international market-based cooperation under Article 6 in line with their priorities and objectives. Informed by years of immersion in Article 6 negotiations and active collaboration with the Article 6.4 Supervisory Body, we proudly engage in the Article 6 community of practice. Our work is driven by a commitment to high environmental standards and integrity, emphasising strong local ownership through inclusive and participatory methods. We provide tailored advice, considering the unique status of Article 6 implementation in each country.

The journey to effective and comprehensive engagement in carbon markets is uniquely defined by a country. We at Perspectives leverage our extensive carbon market experience as we assist countries in aligning their engagement in Article 6 with national objectives and priorities, ensuring a tailored and impactful participation.

Selected services include:

• Technical and strategic advice for the development of an (integrated) Article 6 strategy and/or policy

• Capacity building for the implementation of the relevant institutional framework and infrastructure for Article 6 including key technical issues (e.g., methodological questions, application of corresponding adjustments etc.)

• Technical support in the implementation of Article 6.2 cooperative approaches

• Development of knowledge products and organisation of workshops to enhance capacities

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