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National mitigation strategies

Service Overview

At Perspectives, we lead global climate initiatives. Our focus: catalysing progress under the Paris Agreement. With unmatched expertise, we guide the formulation and execution of ambitious climate targets, including NDCs and LT-LEDS. Our dynamic team supports nations across Africa, Asia, Latin America & the Caribbean, creating impactful objectives and strategies through inclusive engagement and data-driven insights. With 60+ global mitigation activities, we design and finance diverse actions, spanning over different sectors such as waste management, cooling, renewables and transportation. In a more engaged global landscape, MRV’s role in impact assessment is vital. Perspectives leads in MRV, pivotal in carbon markets and climate finance.

Our experts are proficient in evaluating resilient, cost-effective MRV methods while innovating new approaches and tools for streamlined use.

highlights of our services

Our comprehensive suite of services is tailored to support clients in shaping and achieving their national climate targets under the Paris Agreement.

  • Valuable support in crafting and implementing robust strategies for national climate goals
  • Development of robust baseline and monitoring methodologies for mitigation activities
  • Meticulous assistance in GHG accounting and climate impact assessment to ensure accuracy and transparency in measuring the effects of climate action
  • Conceptualisation of ambitious and groundbreaking decarbonization projects and roadmaps
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