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Efforts to safeguard, sustainably manage and restore ecosystems are not only essential for climate change mitigation and adaptation but also provide a wide range of sustainable development co-benefits. Although, at the same time, so-called Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) suffer from the risk of not sequestering carbon permanently and can have negative impacts on biodiversity and livelihoods, if not designed properly. At Perspectives, we support national governments, project developers and investors in accelerating the development and implementation of high-quality and high-integrity NBS strategies and actions – both within and beyond international carbon markets. Our services specifically focus on NBS in forests, wetlands, and agricultural landscapes.

We firmly believe that NBS projects must adhere to the highest-quality and -integrity standards in order to provide benefits to both people and nature. Through our work, we seek to support leadership on NBS and contribute to the creation of a ‘race to the top’.

highlight of our services
At Perspectives, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet your specific needs. Our expertise extends to:

• Analysing National NBS Targets and Policies: We delve deep into your country’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to assess targets, policies, and measures related to Nature-Based Solutions (NBS).
• Strategic NBS Development: We assist in crafting robust national, regional, or corporate NBS strategies that adhere to the highest-quality and -integrity standards.
• Capacity-Building and Training: Our team provides comprehensive capacity-building, technical assistance, and training for individuals and organisations venturing into NBS projects within international carbon markets. We cater to both credit buyers and sellers.
• Feasibility Studies and Due Diligence: We conduct meticulous (pre-)feasibility studies and due diligence for project developers and investors. Our analyses gauge the viability of various NBS projects, including REDD+, Afforestation, Reforestation, Improved Forest Management, Agroforestry, Wetland Restoration, Wetland Protection, and Soil Carbon Sequestration.
• Comprehensive NBS Assessment: We critically assess existing NBS initiatives and projects, considering not only their carbon sequestration potential, but also their broader impacts on sustainable development. Our evaluations encompass governance issues, stakeholder engagement, benefit sharing, and grievance mechanisms.
• Safeguard Development: We specialise in crafting tools to identify pertinent social and environmental safeguards tailored to NBS carbon projects.
• Methodology Analysis: Our experts analyse and compare various NBS methodologies to ensure that your projects align with industry best practices.

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