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Paulien Veen
Head of Private Sector Carbon Market Mechanisms

“Everything you always wanted to know about carbon markets, but were afraid to ask? Perspectives Climate Group has the answers!”

Areas of expertise
  • Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM)
  • Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
  • Technical Carbon Dioxide Removal (tech CDR)
  • Project description documentation (PDD)

Paulien holds degrees in Geology and Energy Management. After a 15+ years technical career in the petroleum industry she decided it was time to take a different direction. She had an opportunity with Northern Lights JV in 2022, working on creating a business case for carbon capture and storage, specifically on BECCS and DACS. It involved looking into carbon markets, which immediately sparked her curiosity and interest to work more with carbon markets.

Paulien is commited to register the first European tech CDR project with a CCP-labelled standard and methodology.

Paulien is with Perspectives Climate Group since 2023, where she has been active in developing modules for the CCS+ initiative, the NL+ project, where four stakeholders are working together to register a BECCS project with a carbon creditting programme, developing Perspective’s new knowledge sharing product called Carbon Credits Quarterly Highlights, and performing carbon credit feasibility studies for private sector actors. Paulien is dedicated to work towards solutions that benefit both the client and the climate.

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