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Initiative Overview

The objectives of this private-sector initiative are:

  • Developing Carbon Accounting Methodologies for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in all its forms (+), where storage of CO2 can be either geological or in long-term products.
  • Scaling cutting-edge climate solutions through a high-quality carbon accounting infrastructure to support and accelerate efforts to reach net zero.
  • Limit climate change and support reaching net-zero emissions by unlocking the potential of certified emission reductions or removals through carbon capture, utilization, removal and storage solutions around the world.

The CCS+ initiative is a complex endeavor, gathering over 50 stakeholders (e.g., technology providers, energy companies, research institutes, carbon consultants, other interested organisations and a carbon standard) to develop a carbon accounting infrastructure for CCS, CCU and tech CDR solutions.


• The CCS+ Initiative is a global multi-stakeholder alliance that aims to develop robust carbon accounting methodologies as a public good.

• The methodological framework can be used for carbon crediting in the voluntary carbon market and/or in compliance market mechanisms.

• Grounded in industry expertise and scrutinized by an Advisory Group, we aim for the highest standards of environmental integrity.

• The CCS+ Initiative separately accounts for emissions reduction and carbon dioxide removal impacts.


More information is available at: 

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Facilitating the uptake to compliance markets

Guidance notes for various regulatory schemes

Carbon capture, utilization, removal and storage solutions are vital to mitigating the catastrophic impacts of climate change.

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Engin Mert

Senior Methodology Expert & Senior Consultant

Paulien Veen

Head of Private Sector Carbon Market Mechanisms