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Hydrogen for Net-Zero

Initiative overview

The Hydrogen for Net-Zero Initiative (H2NZ) aims to accelerate investements and implementation of renewable hydrogen and PtX projects through carbon markets. It will develop a set of dedicated carbon methodologies under Gold Standard, Verra and Art. 6 of the Paris Agreement. Renewable PtX projects, which are at the edge of economic feasibility, can then apply these methodologies for generating carbon credits – which will help to make them economically feasible and reach FID/go ahead withn implementation.

In addition, H2NZ brings together technology innovators, investors, project developers and policy makers to discuss and investigate important aspects of PtX- and carbon market developments and interactions.

Goal & Vision

“Unlocking the potential of renewable & low-carbon hydrogen by bringing together stakeholders such as industry leaders, technology innovators, investors, NGOs and policy makers to enable them utilizing carbon markets for making their hydrogen investments economically feasible.”

Developing High-Quality

Our international team of leading methodology experts will develop a set of robust, conservative carbon methodologies suited for key PtX project types. 

These methodologies will cover GHG-emissions/reductions along the whole PtX value chain, and will seek maximum standardisation between the different standards: Gold Standard, Verra’s VCS and Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. 

Work on the first methodology started in Q3-2023, more are expected to follow soon.

Typical PtX project types include:

  • “Green” ammonia production to replace “grey” ammonia
  • “Green” fertiliser use
  • “Green” steel production
  • Industrial heat: using renewable PtX to replace fossil fuels
  • Heavy duty transport
  • International maritime transport
  • International aviation / sustainable aviation fuels (SAF)

Market Orientation
& Stakeholder Engagement

Members of H2NZ can engage in the information and communication platform of the initiative. 

The platform will investigate and discuss current key topics relevant for PtX project implementation and market acceleration, such as:

  • Interaction of carbon markets with evolving national regulation – such as the EU’s CBAM and RED, the US’ IRA and the Australian H2PCP
  • Transitioning from voluntary carbon markets to Art. 6 of the Paris Agreement
  • Double counting questions – how to make the right claim?
  • Best practices & guides on integration of H2 into NetZero implementation plans

In addition, the initiative will offer demand driven workshops on GHG accounting, carbon crediting, standards, labels; and allow our members to engage in project matchmaking and implementation collaboration.


Reach out to our hydrogen Experts

Sonja Butzengeiger

Managing Director

Axel Michaelowa

Senior Founding Partner


Sonja Butzengeiger

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