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IFDD Guide to the Negotiations: UNFCCC (COP23)

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Publication Date: 11-2017

United Nations Framwork Convention on Climate Change: Twenty-third Conference of the Parties (COP23)

by Stéphane Pouffary (ENERGIES 2050), Antoine Antonini (ENERGIES 2050), Frédéric Gagnon-Lebrun (IISD), Yanick Touchette (IISD), Alice Bisiaux (IISD), Kamel Djemouai, Axel Michaelowa (Perspectives), Matthias Honneger (Perspectives), Marjorie Menard (Perspectives), Aglaja Espelage (Perspectives), El Hadji Mbaye Diagne (Afrique-Energie–Environnement), Marc Freitas (Perspective Climat et Développement Durable), Guillaume De Laboulaye (ENERGIES 2050), Stéphane Quefelec (ENERGIES 2050) and Laurent Dittrick (ENERGIES 2050), Yael Pouffary (Energies 2050)

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