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Export credit agencies (ECAs) are either private companies operating on behalf of a country’s government or public agencies themselves that provide support for the export of goods and services of national companies. In fact, ECAs are the single largest group of internationally active public finance institutions supporting fossil fuel investments. ECAs are hitherto an under-researched contributor to the lock-in of fossil fuel infrastructure but can play a decisive role in promoting the global climate transition if reformed. 


“Official export finance support to fossil fuels is not compatible with the letter and the spirit of the Paris Agreement and remains a major barrier in the global transition towards clean and sustainable energy system. Perspectives’ research identifies remaining gaps in Paris alignment of export finance and provides policy recommendations to Export Credit Agencies around the world, their respective governments and the civil society, feeding into the ongoing reform processes at the national and international levels.”


Following an initial study on external and internal climate change policies for export credit and insurance agencies, in 2021, Perspectives Climate Research developed a first dedicated Paris alignment methodology for ECAs. The methodology permits to assess and compare individual ECAs and their respective governments across five weighted dimensions underpinned by a total of 72 benchmark criteria:
1. Transparency: Financial and non-financial disclosures (20%)
2. Mitigation I: Ambition of fossil fuel exclusion or restriction policies (40%)
3. Mitigation II: Climate impact of and emission reduction targets for all activities (20%)
4. Climate finance: Positive contribution to the global climate transition (10%)
5. Engagement: Outreach and ‘pro-activeness’ of the ECA and its governments (10%)

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